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Title: Orphan Gets Home For The First Time

  • Username: saraheliz23
  • City: rochester
  • State: mi
  • Notes: While in India in 2011 a group of missionaries rescued orphans off the street and gave them new homes. They learn about Jesus everyday and the love he has for them.
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  • Mary September 27, 2013  

    Best of Luck!!

    • Saraheliz23 September 28, 2013  

      Just wanted to add some more details on this pic. These beautiful children were left homeless and helpless on the streets with no hope in sight, we actually found a few that were living with pigs. But by God’s Grace, this orphans were taken out of the worst of conditions and placed in an amazing home for the very first time in their lives.

  • sarah Sutherland September 26, 2013  

    Thanks SOOO much everyone!!!!!

  • Daryl Sutherland September 25, 2013  

    You make me proud!

  • LANI BENNETT September 25, 2013  

    Voted – Good Luck!

  • Debra September 25, 2013  

    How beautiful is Love!

  • Theresa September 25, 2013  


  • Michelle McCammond September 25, 2013  

    Heart and soul!

  • Betsy September 22, 2013  

    Sooo amazing!!! Ill definitely be voting as much as I can!

  • Tory September 22, 2013  

    This picture is amazing!!!

    • Michelle McCammond September 25, 2013  

      This reminds me how important every small kindness is!

  • KK September 21, 2013  

    Your eyes catch what your heart feels in every one of your photos and your passion shows in every shot. You deserve to win this contest not only because you’re so talented but because you really care about each and every picture you shoot. You’re a true artist in every sense.

  • Calyn September 21, 2013  

    I love this!

  • Donna Marie September 18, 2013  

    When I look at the photograph, I see pure joy and happiness! Perfect shot of sharing God’s love. Sweet!

  • Geof W. Jackson September 18, 2013  

    Beautiful capture of a priceless moment. Thank you for giving of yourself to the Orphans… And thank you for the sharing this moment.

  • chrissy b September 18, 2013  

    This is an amazing picture. GREAT CAPTURE!

  • jessica p September 18, 2013  

    beautiful, heartwarming!

  • Katherine September 18, 2013  

    Wow! That’s is beautiful

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