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Title: Simple life

  • Username: Dannydiaz20
  • City: Igh
  • State: Mn
  • Notes: Sometimes we forget to stop and look around and see how we are blessed on a daily basis. This video is a reminder to stop laugh and love. Simple as that!
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  • Kathy October 2, 2013  

    Very precious!!! This is definitely my favorite!

  • Lila Hayes September 30, 2013  

    The cutest video I have ever seen!!!!!!

  • Marti September 30, 2013  

    That is so precious. Thanks for sharing the actions of the puppy and the baby.

    • danielle September 30, 2013  

      Thanks Marti, it is by the grace of god we are able to enjoy these innocent moments :)

  • Barb September 29, 2013  

    Love it!!!!! This is my pick of favorites

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